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reMarkable at a glance

Read, write, and annotate on the only tablet that feels like paper.

Practically unlimited pages and folders mean you can organize your notes, documents, and books however you like.

  • Incredibly responsive
  • Eye-friendly reading experience
  • No distractions

Make your handwritten notes easy to reuse in emails, reports, or presentations by converting them into text.

  • Supports 33 languages
  • Supports cursive and block letters
  • Share your converted notes by email

Read and review PDFs or presentations by simply writing your thoughts directly on the page. Signing PDFs has never been easier.

  • Drag and drop file transfer
  • PDF and ebook (ePub) support
  • Highlight, draw, and make notes

reMarkable bridges the gap between pen and paper, and your digital devices. Easily access your notes from your laptop or phone, where they’re always readily available to review and reuse.

  • Google Drive and Dropbox integration
  • Send by email
  • Apps for Windows, Android, and Mac OS/iOS
  • Screen Share
  • Secure cloud backup

reMarkable 2 looks and feels like paper. A combination of cutting edge digital paper technology and ultra-thin high-friction surface materials, allows the second-generation CANVAS display to deliver an unprecedented paper experience.

Fast and precise pen strokes for a more paper-like feel. The second-generation CANVAS display’s low latency technology gives reMarkable 2 previously unheard of responsiveness and precision.

Digital writing can often be a challenge due to the perceived vertical distance between pen tip and digital ink. We’ve minimized this distance to make the writing experience as close to pen and paper as possible.

Ink that responds to pressure and feels natural. The second-generation CANVAS display actually transfers ink particles to the surface when you write. As you move the Marker, 4096 levels of pressure give you precise control over your work.

Improve your workflow


Easily import documents onto your reMarkable using the mobile or desktop app.




Conduct better meetings

Focused meetings

Remove the wall of laptops. reMarkable gives your team the digital features they need, without the distractions.

Access all your work

Instant access to your notebooks and presentations is essential. Find what you need, when you need it.

Visualize and engage

Some ideas can only be expressed visually. Illustrate, map ideas, and communicate more effectively with reMarkable.

No more typing up notes

Don’t spend time typing up your meeting notes. Easily convert your handwritten notes and share.

Go paperless

New features

Google Drive and Dropbox integration

Browse your files, copy them to your reMarkable, and upload notes directly to your chosen file-sharing service.

Share your ideas live

Turn your reMarkable into the perfect digital whiteboard during in-person and online meetings. Write, sketch, and visualize your ideas live with Screen Share.

See how reMarkable helped these companies

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The challenge

“If you want an efficient meeting, you need everybody’s focus at one hundred percent, which means you can’t have notifications and emails stealing people’s attention.”

The solution

“A laptop screen creates barriers. With reMarkable, I can take notes and look people in the eye at the same time.”


“Everyone is really impressed when I send out meeting summaries minutes after we’ve left the room.”

Tine Charlotte Holm

Chief executive officer

Oslo Market Solutions

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The challenge

With several client meetings a day, it’s easy to lose track of your notes.

The solution

“Having our client’s words and formulations easily available on my reMarkable, and being able to reuse them in a meeting, perhaps several months later, is extremely powerful.”


“We develop complex software and often enjoy using reMarkable to make sketches and drawings as a way of describing an issue or a solution to ensure everybody has the same understanding.”

Mosaira Rhodes

Customer success manager

Ignite Procurement

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The challenge

Piled notebooks, scattered sheets of paper, and printers clutter the workplace.

The solution

“We still haven’t bought a printer, and we don’t miss having one at all.”


“I can just open the document on my tablet, jot down my remarks where relevant, and send."

Sverre Haugen

Co-founder and partner



reMarkable devices are passcode protected, and all your cloud data is encrypted during rest and transfer.

The reMarkable cloud is securely hosted by Google

Here's what our business customers said about using reMarkable at work


…said reMarkable has replaced paper in their workflow.


…said visualizing thoughts on reMarkable helped them solve complex issues.


…said they were able to annotate digital documents more efficiently.


…said they were more effective in meetings when they took notes with reMarkable.

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Satisfaction guarantee

Try reMarkable for 100 days and in the event that you want to return it, we offer a free return and full refund.

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