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Introducing Connect. A new chapter for reMarkable

Today, we’re proud to launch Connect, our new subscription service - an ever-expanding universe of powerful tools for your reMarkable paper tablet.

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By subscribing, our new customers can access all our greatest features. Tools to help you focus, create, and take your notes and ideas further: the full reMarkable experience. Current owners will be given full access to this new service and be an integral part of shaping its future.

This represents a big change for reMarkable and marks the start of a new chapter in our mission to create products and software that can truly deliver better thinking through technology.

“We set out to recreate the paper writing experience using technology, and while this continues to be important, the next step is to focus on expanding the possibilities on our device. With new features and integrations that live up to the reMarkable promise - helping people to think better” says reMarkable CEO and founder Magnus Wanberg.

We’re very proud of the incredible reception and success of reMarkable 2. Thanks to our next-generation paper tablet, thousands of people worldwide are using reMarkable to think better, free themselves from distractions, and get all the benefits of paper without the clutter.

An expanding universe of powerful tools

Connect allows us to place the focus squarely on the software experience moving forward. We’ll enhance our current features and consistently add valuable new ones for our subscribers. Whether that’s by refining our cloud storage services and apps or giving you the ability to turn your reMarkable into the perfect digital whiteboard with our collaboration feature: Screen Share.

Write, draw, and demonstrate concepts live with Screen Share.
Write, draw, and demonstrate concepts live with Screen Share.

We also hope that Connect will help us build stronger and more meaningful relationships with all our users. Whether you’ve supported us from the start, or are discovering us for the first time.

“Since launching the original reMarkable, we’ve been lucky to develop a strong community who have helped us get to where we are today. We’re so thankful to you all, for the support, but also the feedback that we use to improve what we do. We’ve really listened to this feedback and that’s informed this next chapter - a renewed focus on the software experience.” says Wanberg.

Current reMarkable 1 and 2 owners who purchased prior to October 12th, 2021, will be offered full free access to Connect from day one. Meanwhile, anyone buying a new paper tablet will be offered generous discounts, extended warranty cover, and a 100-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you own a reMarkable, log in to today to claim your free Connect Plan

A new relationship. Same amazing experience.

From October 12th, anyone purchasing a reMarkable 2 with a Connect Plan in our webshop will receive a discount of $100 on their paper tablet and offered $50 off our premium accessories. New Connect subscribers will also get extra peace of mind with a 36-month extended warranty on reMarkable 2, Markers, and Folios, and benefit from our new 100-day satisfaction guarantee.

Connect gives all our subscribers the chance to unlock their paper tablet’s full potential. While it includes some of our most-loved reMarkable features, like handwriting conversion, you’ll get access to exciting new ones too, and we have ambitious plans for many more. We’ll focus on making collaboration, organization, and creation cornerstones of the full reMarkable experience.

A major highlight is the introduction of popular services like Google Drive and Dropbox to our software ecosystem. Integrations give you the ability to add accounts from file-sharing services directly to your reMarkable, opening up loads of possibilities for sharing and storing your notes.

 Access PDF documents in popular file-sharing apps directly from your paper tablet
Access PDF documents in popular file-sharing apps directly from your paper tablet

Going forward, Integrations is the platform we’ll use to start adding even more of the tools we know that our customers love. So that eventually, your reMarkable paper tablet becomes not just a brilliant device for deep thinking, but a seamlessly integrated part of your workflow.

For a full list of Connect features and to compare the different plans check out our product page.

If you feel a subscription is not right for you, then you can still take notes, read web articles and ebooks, annotate PDFs and organize all your notes on a device designed without distractions.

This is just the beginning

Our ambition for Connect is to bring us closer to anyone who owns a reMarkable. It’ll help us to tune into what’s most important to users, expand our horizons, and develop new features faster. We can’t wait for you to experience it, try it for yourselves, and help us shape where it’ll go next.


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