Why reMarkable?

When your workspace is uncluttered and free from distractions, you’re at your best. reMarkable helps businesses create exceptional workflow for the modern workplace.

Get organized

Documents and notes are hard to keep track of. reMarkable improves your workflow with digital notes, shareable comments, and text conversion, so you can save time and achieve more.

Stay focused

In a world full of distractions, it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. When you’re working, it’s important that your attention is where it needs to be: on your work.

Go paperless

Paper is an inefficient way to manage information. reMarkable combines the familiar feel of pen and paper with the digital powers needed for a modern workflow.

Cloud benefits

  • Secure cloud hosted by Google
  • Convert handwritten notes into text
  • All your work on all your devices

Contact our sales team to purchase reMarkables for your team

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  • Express delivery once in stock
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See how reMarkable transformed this recruitment agency

Meet the successful recruiter who hasn’t printed a single sheet of paper in six months.

Step into the offices of MeyerHaugen, a successful, medium-sized recruitment agency in Oslo, and you’ll see no papers cluttering the desks and no noisy printers obstructing the corridors. When Sverre Haugen, the agency’s co-founder and partner, decided to give all his employees paper tablets from reMarkable for Christmas, he didn’t expect the influence on daily operations to be so profound.

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