What have we become?

We all see ourselves as in control of our technology. It was meant to help us and make our lives better. Instead, most of us have become captives of devices and apps we can’t bear to live without.

Our thoughts are under attack

Your attention is a valuable and scarce commodity. It’s the currency that most technology companies are fighting for every day. They invest heavily in creating cleverly designed notifications and algorithms to keep you coming back for more. And they’ve succeeded.

We check our smartphones every twelve minutes while we’re awake. Endless scrolling. Addictive casino techniques. Heavily researched colors and sounds. Each is engineered to make us want to check our devices.

This kills our ability to concentrate. We lose our best thoughts when we are constantly distracted away from them.


The share of people who say that notifications keep them from being fully focused.

6out of10

The share of people that would like to reduce the amount of digital notifications they receive every day.


The number of work-hours people spend each week checking notifications on their devices.

The reality is, our thoughts are under attack. Our research shows that we spend one eight-hour workday, each week, just checking notifications on our devices. A large majority of adult American consumers say that notifications keep them from doing their best work.

It’s hard to quit: 53% of adults say they have deleted an app at least once because it takes too much of their time; 37% admit to reinstalling the app within two weeks. This is despite the fact that people say they feel pressure, anxiety, and guilt when they cannot focus due to distractions.

Enough is enough

We’re addicted. We need a new human direction for technology.

At reMarkable we made a commitment, years ago, to fuel the movement to reclaim focus from technology that was designed to distract and capture us.

But we’re not going to get out of this alone.

reMarkable is dedicated to developing products, finding the latest research, sharing knowledge and serving a community of people who are ready to reclaim their thoughts. We need to rethink technology as something that serves our brains, instead of taking them over.


Get your brain back


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