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reMarkable - the only digital device that feels like paper. A tool for note-taking, reading and reviewing documents.

No social media, e-mail or notifications. No distractions,
just you and your thoughts.

reMarkable is the first digital device that gives you a pen-to-paper note-taking experience.

Digital notes.
Paper feel.

A note-taking system that makes it easy to organize your notes and notebooks.

Convert handwritten
notes to typed text

reMarkable converts your handwritten notes to typed text, making them easy to refine and share.

Read comfortably.
Annotate directly.

With no backlight or glare, reMarkable offers a paper-like reading experience you won't find on any LCD display. Annotate on your documents just like you would on paper - no printouts, no hassle.

A visualization powertool

Pen and paper is great for complex problem-solving. With digital tools like undo, erase, move, and many more, reMarkable is even better.

The only
tablet that helps
you focus.

The noise of digital distractions is making it difficult to stay focused.

Access your work everywhere

reMarkable helps you stay organised with access to all your notes and documents on all devices.

Apps available for macOS, iOS, Windows 8 / 10 and Android.

«The writing experience is nearly flawless, with the pleasing friction - and even the scritch-scritch sound - of pencil on paper that easily bests Apple's stylus on a glass iPads screen.»

Wired Magazine, August 2019

Like ink on paper.
Unlike any other digital device.

We've spent four years developing technology that mimics the tactility and immediate response of paper. The very qualities that make paper so simple to use, yet at the same time, our most powerful tool of creation. The result is our CANVAS display.

A breakthrough technology

the CANVAS display

Years of development and attention to the subtlest nuances of the handwriting experience has made reMarkable as paper-like as it gets. Our patented CANVAS display gives you a true paper feel.

Looks and feels like paper with just the right friction. By combining cutting edge E Ink Carta technology with ultra-thin high-friction surface materials, the CANVAS display is purebred paper experience.

Ink that responds to pressure and feels natural. The CANVAS display actually transfers physical ink particles to the surface when you write, and the Marker supports over 2048 levels of pressure detection.

Fast and precise pen strokes for high precision interaction. The CANVAS display's patent-pending low latency technology took over three years to develop and makes reMarkable feel fast and precise.

Incredible responsiveness

Fast and precise pen strokes for high precision interaction. The CANVAS display's patent-pending low latency technology took over three years to develop and makes reMarkable feel fast and precise.

reMarkable is not like other tablets


Paper feel

Glass surface

No glare or light, sunlight readable

Backlit and reflective surface


Writing, reading and sketching only

Everything your computer does

No distractions

Social media, email, notifications

Sync notes and documents via Wifi

Access to the whole Internet all the time



Entertainment and productivity

Here is what Macworld thinks about the reMarkable paper feel
(June, 2019)


Responsive. Precise. Hassle-free.

The Marker is essential for the paper-like experience. It's designed to deliver just the right friction and puts digital ink on the reMarkable with incredibly low lag. A super precise tool, down to the smallest details. The Marker is included with each purchase of a reMarkable device.

Marker Signature

Our finest Marker yet

Marker Signature is our finest Marker yet. Precision-machined from aluminium and anodized for a pristine matte black finish. Weighted for a balanced, authentic writing experience. We’ve even added a clicker because, well… it’s fun to click and think. The Marker Signature is available in our webshop.


Marker Signature

Marker comparisons
MarkerSpecificationMarker Signature
12 gWeight18 g
PlasticMaterialAnodized aluminum
1 extra Marker tipFeatures3 extra Marker tips, pen clip, clicker


For safety and style

Even though reMarkable is a supremely durable device, we still want you to protect it from scratches and have a safe place for your Marker. Folio is designed to protect both.

Choose from a variety of premium materials and colors.


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the key aspects of reMarkable.

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Technical specifications

Size and Weight

  • 177 x 256 x 6.7mm (6.9 x 10.1 x .26 inches)
  • Approximately 350 gram (.77 pounds)

CANVAS display

  • 10.3” monochrome digital paper display (no colors)
  • 1872x1404 resolution (226 DPI)
  • Partially powered by E-ink Carta technology
  • Multi-point capacitive touch
  • No glass parts, virtually unbreakable
  • Paper-like surface friction


  • No battery, setup or pairing required
  • Special high-friction pen tip
  • Tilt detection
  • 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity


  • Wi-Fi connected

Storage and RAM

  • 8 GB internal storage (100,000 pages)
  • 512 MB DDR3L RAM


  • Rechargeable (Micro USB)
  • 3000 mAh


  • 1 GHz ARM A9 CPU

Operating system

  • Codex, a custom Linux-based OS optimized for low-latency e-paper

Document support

  • PDF and ePUB, with more formats to be announced


  • Menu language: English only
  • Handwriting Conversion feature partially powered by MyScript Technology

Inspired by paper

Simplicity is the foundation of reMarkable's design. It represents the possibilities that exist in a blank stack of paper sheets. A subtle and non-intrusive design that embodies the paper experience.


The reMarkable's slender design means it fits easily in your bag


A notebook has to be portable, which is why reMarkable is made with the lightest materials.


An aluminum back plate and PMMA cover lens makes reMarkable virtually unbreakable.

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