reMarkable is a Norwegian technology company developing products that help people think better. Although being such a new and young company, we have already had a substantial increase in sales and revenue as well as in people, currently counting over 200 employees. After a very successful launch of our second-generation paper tablet, which, among other things, has been named TIME's "100 Best Innovations of 2020", we now face challenges and opportunities in the global arena. At reMarkable, we can offer a unique possibility to have a say and influence the direction of a rapidly growing global consumer electronics company. You will be given the opportunity to influence all the steps needed to create a product used by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

We are now looking for skilled UX designers with web experience that will take part in our ambitious growth and product development plans to achieve our goals - to help people worldwide think better - Better Thinking.

About the role

We are looking for a skilled senior UX designer who wants to help shape the digital product development at reMarkable. As a UX designer, you will be given the opportunity to work with the product experience for people worldwide. You will also play a central role in forming the UX field of study at reMarkable and the UX design team. We have ambitions to keep growing, both in size and revenue, meaning that it will be natural for you to have a personnel manager role in the long run. In this role, we are concerned about a good balance between manager tasks and project work. The position will mainly be with market-oriented and customer-oriented initiatives, primarily on our web surfaces. However, there will also be other projects in other parts of the organization you can take part in.

Some examples of tasks for this position:

  • Work with sketches, prototypes, and workflows for our web solutions,, and

  • Be the link between service designers, developers, visual designers, and strategic resources like product owners and/or project leaders.

  • Take part in our design system's management, maintenance, and development to ensure a consistent and good user experience and efficient development.

Our first generation of reMarkable has been in the market for over four years, helping hundreds of thousands of our customers to think better. But we are far from finished - we have only just begun our ambitious journey towards becoming a global player in the tech industry, with a base in Oslo. And so, as a UX designer in reMarkable, there is an excellent opportunity to influence both product development. And last but not least - you have a perfect opportunity to influence your role and everyday life.

Here you can read more about how we work with user experience at reMarkable:

Who are you?
These are some characteristics we are looking for in the new UX designer:

  • You know and have experience working in teams, and you know typical roles and processes like; PM, PO, Standup, Retro, autonomy, etc.

  • You are skilled and confident when it comes to the subject of UX - be it the design, process, or role.

  • You are proactive and take responsibility where needed.

  • You have experience with, and interest in, further development of efficient, scalable, and user-friendly design systems.

  • You enjoy making intuitive solutions with an apparent sender.

  • You have commercial flair and have experience with conversion.

  • Having experience with and like working visually with the UI is considered an advantage.

As a person, we hope you:

  • Have more than three years of higher education, five years of experience, and consider yourself a professional with deep knowledge of the UX field of study.

  • Are self-going and take responsibility where needed. You have professional experience, relevant experience is preferred, and the ability to lead others in a team.

  • Good communication skills. Both Norwegian and English, written and oral.

  • Are sociable and like hanging out with your colleagues.





When you work at reMarkable, you get:

  • The opportunity to work in skilled interdisciplinary teams in an environment capable of solving complex challenges within hardware and software. Furthermore, marketing in a global arena, strategy, management, CRM, and content management, to mention a few.

  • Rewarding and challenging tasks and the results

  • Opportunity to get involved in all aspects of creating a technological hardware and software product, used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

  • Career opportunities that focus on professional and personal development in a fast-growing company, where skilled professionals and managers are crucial for our success.

  • A work environment that takes care of each other and a culture that focuses on socializing in game nights, training groups, theme parties, and so on.

  • Beautiful offices in our villa at the top of Grünerløkka - Villa Biermann. We are also awaiting the completion of our brand new additional office 100 meters down the street.

This has resulted in a great work environment that offers motivation, joy, and a culture built on our values; curiosity, dedication, and generosity. In addition to competitive terms, we offer the opportunity to buy shares at an employee price and six week holiday annually.

A reMarkable design department

A good design affects us more than we know. With us, it is one of the most important and substantial drives for perceived value and customer loyalty.

The design department's mission is to create functional and exclusive experiences not only appreciated by our customers but also something that creates (everyday)magic. Therefore, we work incessantly in cross-functional teams to build a brand that emphasizes and reinforces our vision for better thinking.

UX design

Our task is to create a total experience that contributes to creative thinking. We create engaging and intuitive user experiences by always putting our users in the center. So our services will enhance focus, creativity, and better thinking - a user experience that makes you put down your mobile.

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