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We are looking for talented people to join our growing team.

At reMarkable, we are determined to bring the unique advantages of paper into the digital age. While most of tech companies today focus on artificial intelligence, we focus on human intelligence. We have offices in Oslo, Norway and work with leading partners globally.

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reMarkable people

We are diligent, ambitious people with a whole lot of love for what we do and the people we do it with. We are generous towards one another, respect each others' quirky sides, and help our colleagues become the best versions of themselves.

Through passion, dedication, and collaboration we solve complex issues and build cool things. To join our adventure we are looking for people who are fun-lovers with an internal drive to master their field of expertise. This way we can continue to succeed, celebrate, and aim even higher.

reMarkable organization

The reMarkable team is organized into six different teams.




Supply Chain



Recruitment process and compensation


Introduction and alignment interview

We follow a standardized recruitment process that ensures the people we hire will love their new jobs. That means your skills, motivation, and personal journey are aligned with reMarkable as an organization and where we are going. Send us an application, CV, and relevant references and attachments. Give us a chance to understand your profile, motivation, and goals, and let us know what you're looking for.


Manager interview

After a short introductory call, you'll be invited to a 45-60 minute interview with the hiring manager of the position you are interested in. In this interview we introduce the the team you would be working in and the challenges that need to be faced. Your application and CV are then discussed, as well as how your profile compares to your desired role. The goal of the conversation is to understand if you would enjoy contributing to, and being part of, reMarkable's journey.


Work sample

We usually invite candidates to get their hands dirty with us, in a two to three hour work session, either with the team or as an assignment to be presented. The goal is to guage how you work and think, and to see if you click with the team you'd be working with in a real-life work setting. Usually, we try to present relevant challenges that reMarkable is currently facing to make sure the problem solving is as close to reality as possible.


Social gathering

After the work sample we like to invite candidates to an informal lunch. This is so you have an opportunity to meet some more reMarkable team members, and get a sense of the people and culture. Don't worry, you won't be called out or asked to do anything specific, just hang out with us and see if you enjoy yourself.


Interview with the CEO

If all goes well and everyone agrees we should move forward, you'll have a sit-down with reMarkable CEO Magnus Wanberg to discuss you, and the role you're applying for.


Reference Check

After you've provided two to three references, we'll call to tick off all the boxes and move forward into the next stage of the hiring process.


Offer call

If you've been successful, we'll contact you to inform you of our offer, and send over the paperwork by email. Hopefully, you'll agree that the next step in your career is with us.


Signing and onboarding

If everybody is happy, we'll organize the formalities and can start the onboarding process. If you have the time, you'll be welcome to join us for all our social gatherings and start to get to know us.



We believe in giving fair compensation to talented people. If you are working solely for a paycheck at the end of the month, reMarkable isn't the right fit for you. If you love to work with great people, we'll come to an understanding.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

If there are any questions about the process, please send us an e-mail.